No one likes it when their hair is clumped up and matted together, neither you nor your pets. Matting is when fur clumps together on your dog’s coat. Matting occurs normally in dogs with longer coats but can happen in all dogs. Not only is it uncomfortable for your pet, but can potentially be dangerous if it is left untreated.

Why is matting bad?

Painful – Matting isn’t only uncomfortable for your pet, in can be downright painful for them if left untreated. It isn’t only big clumps of matting that can be painful, but even smaller ones can cause your pet pain. Matting is easily treatable, but don’t let it get out of hand, for your pet’s sake.

Poor Circulation – Matting not only causes pain for your pet but can deny circulation to the skin or body parts if the clumps are quite thick. You might believe that the minor matting around your pets’ legs is harmless, but in reality it can be denying them movement and blood to the area. Don’t leave this kind of matting untreated, it can be quite dangerous if the matting is left to fester.

Sores – If the area is denied circulation, the skin under the mat can become irritated and unhealthy. This can allow sores to form on the skin, which can be painful to your pet and unhealthy if left untreated.
Things become trapped – Matting isn’t only dangerous because of the pain it can cause your pet, but also due to the things that can become trapped in your dogs coat. Anything from sticks, bugs, feces, and more can all get trapped within mats, and those things can potentially be harmful and/or painful to your pet in the long run.

Matting isn’t fun for either the owner or the pet. Your pet probably smells from the things stuck in their coat and can be in pain at the same time. It doesn’t have to be like that though. Matting isn’t very hard to take care of, it only requires a bit of attention every day. It’s as simple as paying attention to your pet’s coat and grooming him often.

It’s as simple as brushing them every day, and a trip to the groomer every once in a while, to prevent long-term matting is always helpful!