Pet Products & Treats

Beyond our grooming, daycare, and boarding services, Happy Paws Salon also sells various pet products.  From all-natural treats for your dog or cat, to collars, coats, and toys, we have your pet needs covered!

Happy Paws Salon’s pet treats come from Jack’s Snacks, a local company based in Warwick, Rhode Island. Jack’s uses only the best, all-natural ingredients, most of them organic with no added fillers or preservatives.  Their fun and unique flavors include Honey Peanut Butter Drop and Honey Blueberry for your dog and Feline Frenzy for your cat, cookies made from grain-free salmon and chicken.  Jack’s donates one dollar of each purchase to any one of a number of local animal shelters, so buying treats for your own pet makes them happy of course, but indirectly, others animals too!

As well as their stomach, consider your pets’ safety too. Happy Paws sells various sizes of brightly-colored reflective gear for all sizes of dogs and cats to increase their visibility during walks and outings. The right leash is also important, and we also provide these for purchase.

Lastly, or perhaps as your first order of business, Happy Paws Salon has toys.  What pet owner can resist buying them – either for a special occasion, or better yet, “just because.” Your pet will love you for it!

From grooming and cage-free daycare to all manner of quality pet products, Happy Paws Salon has your pet needs covered!  Call us or stop by today!

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