Grooming is an important part of keeping your dog not only happy, but healthy as well. Many dog owners don’t understand the importance of grooming, however, not just for their beloved pet, but for them and their household as well.

Physical Appearance

While physical appearance may be a vain reason to groom your dog, it’s an important one nonetheless. Just as a person needs to spend time keeping themselves clean, a dog has similar needs. Not only will they look and feel better, but their coiffed appearance will suggest a well- behaved and approachable pup, particularly to those who may not like dogs or who may fear them.

Health Check

The veterinarian isn’t the only place to get your dog checked when you believe something is wrong with them. Groomers can spot problems too. As with humans, it’s possible to find bumps or other growths on your pet prior to problems surfacing. Aside from checking for matted fur, which can be uncomfortable or even painful for dogs, groomers can contribute to a pet’s future health by spotting potential issues early.

Preventing Future Health Issues

Just like people, dogs require care in order to prevent health problems from cropping up in the future. Brushing your dogs’ teeth, not every night, but a couple times per week, can help with smelly breath, but also forestalls subsequent issues with the gums and teeth. It’s not only the mouth that grooming helps with, but care to the ears, the area around the eyes, paws, and fur helps to stem trouble that your dog might have down the line.


The physical health and appearance of your puppy or dog is important, but alongside this is your pet’s personal happiness. Grooming keeps your dog happy, free of many of the discomforts of matted fur, unclean paws and nails, and clogged ears. Alongside your dog’s well- being and overall contentment is your happiness. With less dander and hair everywhere, your home will be cleaner, and your whole family – pets included – able to enjoy a better environment.